The application runs
General Settings PDF Print

General Settings allow the user to set:

  • Client Offer Settings: VAT value, gross margin, exchange rate, currency in which the customer will pay, etc.
  • Carpentry Settings: loss by bar cutting, profile type (PVC, aluminum), carpentry specific dimensions (paste loss, cut loss, bar length, overlap, gap, other corrections).
  • Producer: information about the company.
  • Application Specific Settings: configuration, graphical layout, various application behavior settings.
Templates PDF Print

Templates are lots of materials used when designing carpentry, in order to decrease the number of required operations.

Usually, the regular user will not need this feature, the preconfigured templates coming with the application should be enough.

• If the materials in the database are changed (added/deleted/moved/code changed), templates using them should be updated also.


1. Profile Components
• Mandatory: the profile, the reinforcement.
• Optional: the gasket.

2. Bead Components
• Mandatory: the bead.
• Optional: the gasket.

3. Window/Door Components
• Mandatory: the necessary materials, except fittings, for a window/door, function of swing and color. (Eg. lever, joints)

4. Fitting Components
• Mandatory: the necessary fittings for a window/door, function of swing.

5. Glass Components
• Mandatory: the glass / panel / panelling.

6. Mosquitoes Net Components
• Mandatory: the profile, the net, other materials.
How to print? PDF Print

In order to print on paper the project generated documentation, the user have to use a web browser (eg. Internet Explorer) or a pdf viewer (eg. Acrobat Reader).

Example - Internet Explorer:

• Select File | Page Setup menu item and remove the file name and the date within the displayed dialog box.
• Select File | Preview menu item for previewing.
• Select File | Print menu item for printing.

System Requirements PDF Print
Software Requirements
Operating System Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux
(any operating system that supports Java6)
JRE6 For Windows it is not necessary to install Java because it is included in the installation package.
Web Browser Any web browser will do.
(Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera)
PDF reader Acrobat Reader
(needed only to view files in PDF format)

Hardware Requirements
  Minimum Recomanded
Processor 800 MHz more then 1.7GHz
Memory 256 MB RAM 512 MB RAM
Resolution 1024x768 pixels 1280x1024 pixels
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