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Frequently Asked Questions

Templates are lots of materials used when designing carpentry, in order to decrease the number of required operations.

Usually, the regular user will not need this feature, the preconfigured templates coming with the application should be enough.

• If the materials in the database are changed (added/deleted/moved/code changed), templates using them should be updated also.


1. Profile Components
• Mandatory: the profile, the reinforcement.
• Optional: the gasket.

2. Bead Components
• Mandatory: the bead.
• Optional: the gasket.

3. Window/Door Components
• Mandatory: the necessary materials, except fittings, for a window/door, function of swing and color. (Eg. lever, joints)

4. Fitting Components
• Mandatory: the necessary fittings for a window/door, function of swing.

5. Glass Components
• Mandatory: the glass / panel / panelling.

6. Mosquitoes Net Components
• Mandatory: the profile, the net, other materials.

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