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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

ProiectT application offers the following features:

1. Design Drawings (windows/doors)

A project contains:
• Customer specific data.
• Offer specific data, such as identification number, discount.
• The list of frame drawings.

Frames can be divided horizontally, vertically or obliquely as needed. Split order is important for the application to decide how the mullion profiles are used.

Each frame may also contain an additional list of link profiles, jambs or other materials.

The application selects automatically the best suiting materials. Usually, this is enough, but still, the user is allowed to configure in more detail, by selecting each element.

• For each drawing, the user may select the profiles to be used.
• For each glass space, the user may select the actual glass and the wand.
• For swinging/sliding windows/doors, the user may select the profile and the fitting.

• only items compatible with the project ranges are allowed.

2. Generate Documenation: customer offer / technical sheet / supplies.
3. Configuration Operations

If the default configuration of the application does not meet the user's needs, he/she may extend / rewrite the templates describing how to use the materials in the database. Also, the user have to pay attention on the carpentry special dimensions (corrections, overlap, two wings gap etc.)
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